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Control your data and electronic communications

Email with time management tools, chat, password management, VPN and collaboration tools under your control

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New, domain name services securely, quickly and at competitive price

FI domain name and DNS services with our modern REST API interface for automatic management, as an additional service

Our services in brief

Based on Open Source, privacy and security aware services

Braene Ltd Cloud storage share

Collaboration tools platform - powered by Nextcloud.

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Domain hosting

Modern REST API interface

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Password management

Bitwarden powered by Vaultwarden, password management.

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[matrix] decentralised communication

[matrix] an open standard communication system. In the near future we will bring [matrix] platform as a hosting service meaning a [matrix] virtual server under your control.


Easy to use VPN - coming soon.

Security and privacy

An essential part of all our services.

Payment methods

Multiple payment methods

We use Visma Pay and Stripe as our payment solutions providers. With Visma all Nordic payment methods (including mobile payments) plus international cards can be used. With Stripe global payment methods are available including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Web store opening soon