Domain hosting

Domain hosting services

  • Domain hosting at very competitive price
  • Our domain hosting services include:

      • Domain management.
        • Domain name registrations
        • Domain name transfers
        • Registry locking for FI domains
          • A domain can be locked so that no other updates than domain renewal are possible. Additional contacts can be added while domain is locked
          • Domain locking requires 2-3 phone numbers capable of receiving SMS messages
          • Unlocking is done by receiving the authorization code to predetermined phone number(s) as SMS messages
        • Domain name services (DNS)
          • DNS security extensions (DNSSEC)
            • We use DNSSEC in our nameservers
          • Reasonably priced DNS serives
            • Yearly cost/domain
            • DNSSEC and Anycast (Anycast only for FI domains) by default
          • Nameservers managed by the customer
            • You can manage your own nameservers and you only pay for domain management
          • Other domain management services
      • REST API interface for domain management and DNS management
        • Additional service with a yearly price/domain
        • REST API for DNS requires the usage of our nameservers
      • Traficom (regulator for FI country domain) provides Anycast for FI domains


      • Your personal information is secured
        • We do not store your personal information on our servers
        • Your information is collected by us and transferred directly to Traficom's servers using a secured connection
        • Traficom's privacy policy is located here